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Serious Injury or Death from Motorcycle accidents

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According to a report released earlier this year by the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety, 2015 saw 535 crashes involving motorcycles. Of those, 26 resulted in the loss of a biker’s life. In 22 of those incidents, fatalities occurred despite the use of a helmet. Though helmets are important elements in motorcycle safety, this testifies to the fact they don’t always save lives. In fact, only 22 percent of injuries in these types of crashes are related to the face and neck. The majority of non-life-threatening injuries affect the legs, feet, arms, and hands, but those known to most severely alter the lives of bikers and their families are chest, abdominal, and spinal injuries. This is why you need the best motorcycle accident lawyer in Nebraska.

Bikers See the Road from a Different Perspective

Our Personal injury lawyers understand the unique challenges bikers and their passengers face on Nebraska’s roadways. As an experienced Nebraska motorcycle accident attorney, our founder sees all too often the profound impact crashes have on our citizens who take to the streets on two wheels. Time and time again, we hear and read about the importance of proper training and protective gear when it comes to bikes, but even these measures are often irrelevant in this type of case.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Bikes may be a great deal more maneuverable than automobiles, but no matter how skilled the driver may be, there’s little they can do to avoid those who fail to look both ways before pulling out into the road or change lanes without being completely aware of what’s around them.

For cars, trucks and SUV’s, a common pothole poses little more risk than being scalded by a coffee spill, yet when it comes to motorcycles, something as simple as this could be the leading factor in a fatal accident. That’s why we’re here. Our Nebraska motorcycle accident attorney knows what you or the biker you love is up against, and he has the experience necessary to ensure you get the compensation to which you’re entitled following an injury.

Typical Causes of Motorcycle Injuries

As is the case with all automobile accidents, a number of factors could play into the circumstances leading up to a motorcycle injury. What it all really boils down to, though, is negligence. Distractions could be considered the most prevalent issue in cases like these. Drivers of traditional vehicles have an increasing obsession with technology. While parents attempting to appease anxious toddlers in the back seat or break up fights between children play into this scenario, they’re not by far the only culprits.

In spite of laws designed to deter drivers from texting or visiting social media while operating a vehicle, people continue to place themselves and others at risk by doing so. GPS systems, ever-more-intricate audio-visual equipment, and an array of other digital inclusions available in modern automobiles add to those dangers. Still, this is only a single piece of the puzzle. Negligence runs far deeper, and it can destroy the lives of bikers and their families.

  • Road Hazards: As we mentioned before, something as simple as a pothole could mean the difference between a biker reaching his or her destination safely and ending up with a traumatic brain injury, debilitating spinal cord damage, or being identified by a relative in the morgue. States and their individual counties are obligated to keep their roads and highways properly maintained for the safety of our citizens and those passing through alike. If they fall short of this responsibility, they’re the ones at fault. Proving this in court may not be so simple, but our motorcycle accident attorney in Nebraska brings you a thorough knowledge of the laws as they apply to this type of situation.
  • Inadequate Vehicle Maintenance: A prime example of this would be a recent motorcycle accident in the southeastern portion of our nation. A vehicle was traveling along the southbound lane of an interstate when one of its tires suddenly became airborne. This tire crossed the median into traffic on the northbound side, striking a motorcycle and killing its rider. Accidents like this happen throughout the United States far more often than you might think. Who was at fault in this tragic set of circumstances? Did the vehicle owner fail to have his or her tires changed at the proper time? Did debris or other road hazards play a role in the scenario? Could someone have knowingly sold the owner of the vehicle a faulty tire? Might the manufacturer of the tire be at fault? Cases like these require in-depth research and must be backed by inarguable evidence.
  • Defective Equipment: When it comes to motorcycle accidents, this aspect could actually take on several different forms. Bike design flaws and manufacturing defects are often causative factors in motorcycle injuries and fatalities. At the same time, faulty brake pads, electrical component recalls not brought to the attention of a vehicle owner, or similar issues pertaining to other automobiles involved could be the cause of an accident. Whether due to engineering oversights or cutting corners during production to increase profit margins, the responsible party should be held accountable for those actions.

Determining exactly who is to blame in cases like these isn’t always a simple task. Proving this beyond a reasonable doubt is even more complex. Our legal team has the research experience and resources to get to the heart of the matter, and our Nebraska motorcycle accident attorney Larry Demerath has successfully represented numerous victims and their families. We serve our clients with tenacity and skill to ensure justice is upheld.

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