Motorcycle Accident Attorney Nebraska

Serious Injury or Death from Motorcycle accidents needs a personal injury attorney

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Nebraska

As a motorcycle accident attorney Nebraska, we understand the dangers of driving a motorcycle. According to a report by the Nebraska Department of Transportation in 2019, there were 334 motorcycle accidents with injuries, and of that 24 resulted in death. Though helmets are important elements in motorcycle safety, this testifies to the fact they do not always save lives. In fact, only 22 percent of injuries in these types of crashes are related to the face and neck.

The majority of non-life-threatening injuries affect the legs, feet, arms, and hands, but the injuries known to most severely alter the lives of bikers and their families are chest, abdominal, and spinal injuries. This is why you need the best motorcycle accident attorney Nebraska. Demerath Law Office has a personal injury attorney who will fight for the justice that you deserve, and it is best to have an experienced motorcycle accident attorney Nebraska.

Bikers See the Road from a Different Perspective

motorcycle accident attorneyThat is why people need a good motorcycle accident attorney who understands motorcyclists and knows the law on Nebraska’s roadways.

Motorcyclists face serious risks that distinguish them from other vehicles on the road. Motorcycles are small compared to other vehicles, and the riders and their passengers who lack overall crash protections are vulnerable to serious injury or fatality. In the common motorcycle accident, drivers of larger vehicles often change lanes or turn without actually seeing the motorcyclist. As a result, the motorcycle rider, who was doing nothing illegal, gets hit by the car and, in many cases, seriously injured. While these drivers often admit they did not see the motorcycle and did not intentionally mean to cause harm, they nevertheless acted carelessly and are liable for the injuries and damages to the motorcyclists and any passengers. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney Nebraska can understand the issues from what a bike rider can see and what someone driving with negligence can see.

Don’t Take Chances with Your Future

Let our personal injury attorney Nebraska handle your case. No fees unless we win your case. We offer free consultations. We will fight hard for the justice that you deserve. Our mission is to get the compensation you and your family deserve and holds those accountable for your injuries or the death of your loved one responsible. Contact a motorcycle accident attorney Nebraska here at Demerath Law Office. Call us at (402) 677-5656, or fill out the form we have provided.