Nataliya Demerath

Nataliya Nikitina-Demerath

Nataliya Nikitina-Demerath

Nataliya was born and raised in Kiev where she was an avid student during her predatory education and also enjoyed figure skating.

In 1988, Nataliya graduated with honors with her Master’s Degree in History, from Kiev State Shevchenko University in Ukraine. While living in the Ukraine, Nataliya worked for several international companies, where she focused on marketing, analytical research, and business development tasks. In 2004, Nataliya attended Kiev Business School where she earned her Master’s in Business Administration. Prior to joining Demerath Law Office in 2015, she worked as the National Sales Director for Milk Alliance in Kiev, Ukraine. Nataliya was in charge of distributing products throughout Ukraine and Russia while overseeing 200 employees.

Nataliya enjoys playing pickleball and tennis, spending time with her daughter, and grandchildren.

Nataliya provides staff support and works together with her husband, and personal injury attorney, Larry in the area of civil litigation, including drafting pleadings and discovery, lien negotiation, case management and trial preparation for individuals. Demerath Law office charges no fee unless you win your case. DLO serves all of Nebraska, but based in Omaha. All consultations are free.