Catastrophic Injuries

Serious Injury causing Death from jobs or motorcycle accidents

Serious Injury or Death

Many accidents lead to permanent disability, including malpractice accidents and vehicular collisions. In order to ensure the victim is fairly compensated for these injuries, he or she needs legal assistance immediately. An experienced attorney works to present clear and fully documented evidence regarding the nature and extent of the injuries. Many individuals assume compensation is limited to medical bills and lost income, yet the goal is to actually ensure the person obtains the funds necessary to have financial security and appropriate medical care for years to come. This may include help around the house if the individual can no longer complete these tasks on their own, personal care, and more.

Types Of Catastrophic Injuries

  • Amputation
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Closed Head Injuries
  • Coordination Issues
  • Extensive Scarring or Disfigurement
  • Eye Injuries
  • Impaired memory
  • Loss of One or More Senses
  • Injuries Causing Wrongful Death
  • Organ Damage
  • Paralysis
  • Permanent Back or Neck Disc Damage
  • Problems with Mental Tasks
  • Seizures
  • Severe Burns
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Truck Accidents

Who May Be Held Accountable

When it comes to catastrophic injuries, an experienced lawyer considers multiple parties when determining who should provide compensation. The parties to be held liable will depend on how the injuries were sustained. For example, if the injury occurs at work, the employer may be held liable, the manufacturer of any equipment involved, and any companies who worked on the equipment, depending on the circumstances. In the event the victim is injured in a motor vehicle accident, the other driver may be sued, the manufacturer of the car, and the insurance company of the driver who was injured. The lawyer examines the facts of the case to make this determination and ensure all parties are held accountable.

Why Is This Possible

Negligence often plays a role in catastrophic injury cases. People and companies could be held accountable for actions they failed to take, especially when this action leads to a person being injured. Negligence occurs when a person or company fails to take action that any reasonable person or company would in order to prevent the harm that could be foreseen. This differs from carelessness where a person tries to take measures, yet doesn’t quite succeed in preventing the harm. The definition of negligence tends to be very broad, and an attorney evaluates the case to determine the specific legal implications of each party’s actions and the extent of each party’s involvement.

How Compensation Is Determined

Nebraska AttorneysPersonal injury lawyers will look at several factors when arriving at a fair settlement amount. Many people simply look at medical bills and time lost from work and accept a settlement based on these two figures. What they may not take into consideration in a case of this type is the physical, emotional, and financial toll this accident has not only on the victim but on other family members as well. For example, a person may need around the clock care. Who will provide this and how will they be paid? If a family member is taking on this responsibility, will they be quitting a job to do so? This loss of income needs to be factored in also, and these are the types of issues an attorney ensures are not overlooked.

Experts often need to be called in to help determine concrete figures. An attorney works with a network of professionals in a variety of fields to make this assessment and provide numbers that are fairly accurate. Every component needs to be examined and a case built that clearly and persuasively presents this to those responsible for making the final determination as to the amount of compensation to be provided. This may include economic experts, medical experts, and experts in life care planning, along with numerous others.

Why Is This Of Importance

When a person is catastrophically injured, their entire life changes. Some victims experience a change in personality, either with or without accompanying physical symptoms, and others develop speech or comprehension problems. Chronic pain may become an issue for the person, which can be a challenge for others if there aren’t physical symptoms that can be seen. The problem is that many of these outcomes may not be seen for a period of time after the accident. Others appear to abate and it is assumed the person will continue to improve, yet they don’t. They hit a plateau and never more forward. This likewise must be considered as the victim works to determine compensation, and the experts can be of great help in determining the effects of the injury years or even decades into the future.

What Compensation Should Be Anticipated

When it comes to compensation, the attorney looks at lost wages directly tied to time missed after the accident, future wages that will be lost as a result of the permanent disability, medical bills, and more. This includes things such as emergency medical care, ongoing rehabilitation, and therapy that continues for years or a lifetime, and specialized care resulting from the injuries. Compensation could be received, yet many fail to realize this. The attorney ensures no area is neglected.

When working with our personal injury attorneys, clients find that we don’t focus solely on the compensation to be obtained through the case. We work to assist victims in the aftermath of their catastrophic injury, as it has far-reaching effects on the victim and his or her loved ones. Our client’s best interests always remain our top priority. Contact our office today, so we can handle the legal aspects of the case. Your job is to work to recover as much function as is physically possible to live a full life. Let us take care of the rest.