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Accidents are a fact of life. They occur with a greater frequency than anyone would like to admit in Omaha, and they leave victims with significant injuries, medical expenses, and lost time at work. Physical recovery from any accident takes time, and financial recovery may take even longer. However, with the help of accident compensation attorneys, the Demerath Law Office, that recovery process may be faster and easier. To get the help you need after an accident, it’s important to understand a little about accidents and how a Nebraska injury and wrongful death attorney can be of help after an accident occurs.


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Negligence seems to be surging across the State of Nebraska, which means citizens of our state are increasingly vulnerable to injuries at the hands of irresponsible or malicious people. An ordinary day at work or a routine trip home from the grocery store can end in devastation. No one sees these accidents coming, and there is no true way to be prepared for them when they happen. All you can do is pick up the pieces afterward and attempt to reconstruct your shattered life. Nebraska personal injury attorney, Larry R. Demerath and the team at Demerath Law are here to help victims and their families do just that.

Personal Injury Representation Born from Experience

Law FirmA Nebraska native, Attorney Demerath graduated from Wayne State College. He went on to serve our country in Vietnam with the U.S. Air Force before returning home to attend the University of Nebraska College of Law. After passing the bar exam, he was legally qualified to focus on any branch of the law and could have taken his practice anywhere in the nation, yet he chose to use his knowledge and dedicate his career to making a difference in the lives of families in his home state as a Nebraska attorney. Now, 40 years later, he continues to successfully represent local victims in the various branches of this field.

  • Car Accidents: With each passing year, the number of people on our state’s roadways grows and, of course, the number of vehicle accidents rises in unison. Reports indicate more than 3,500 crashes resulting in serious and fatal injuries occur each year in the city of Omaha alone. In 2014, distracted drivers caused over 4,000 accidents throughout the state. Our attorneys in Nebraska see cases ranging from pedestrians suffering paralysis-inducing spinal cord damage in alcohol-related accidents to families who have lost loved ones because someone chose to text while driving causing serious personal injury or wrongful death.
  • Trucking Accidents: Nebraska is one of the six highest-ranking states in the nation for tractor-trailer accidents. In addition to being far more deadly than ordinary crashes, these cases are often more complicated to represent. The fault could lie with anyone from the 18-wheeler’s operator to technicians responsible for its maintenance. Having an experienced Nebraska accident and injury attorney with extensive resources on your side is critical when it comes to determining who is at fault and proving this in court. Having an experienced personal injury attorney can help navigate this type of lawsuit.
    • Motorcycle Accidents: For those on motorcycles, our state’s streets and highways can be particularly threatening. You have got no cage to protect you, and you have to be constantly mindful of potholes, road debris, careless drivers, and other hazards. Though skill, vigilance, and protective gear have helped many bikers avoid injury and death, even these elements can not prevent all accidents or serious injuries. As a former motorcyclist, Attorney Demerath is well aware of the dangers riders face every day. This valuable life experience and his legal knowledge give him, as well as the motorcycle accident victims he represents, a unique advantage.

In any of these scenarios, you will find yourself crumbling under the weight of mounting medical bills, an inability to cover even the most basic living expenses, the costs of repairing any resulting property damages, and a number of other issues. If your loved one’s injuries were ultimately catastrophic or fatal, you will also be up against the loss of his or her companionship and future earning potential among many additional hardships. Our Nebraska personal injury attorney can help you recover financial damages and, in some cases, compensation for your emotional losses.

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We cover all aspects of serious motor vehicle injuries and wrongful death. Our attorneys at Demerath Law Office represent clients on state and federal levels, and we will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve and hold negligent parties fully accountable for their actions.

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